Photo shoot with Rachel Jacobus

Today I had a photo shoot with Rachel Jacobus. If you haven't ever heard of her, you need to. This girl is crazy talented when it comes to photography, but is also bubbling over with laughter and life.

I asked her to take some photos, and as you can see from some of them that we have a great time. She is great at directing and making you feel comfortable in front of the camera (Even camera guys get shy).


She is right in the middle of a crazy shift in life. Moving from the city of Columbus to a farm on the outskirts of town. She has actually documented the whole transition really well here.

Rachel was gracious enough to let me use her land for the photo shoot. It was the feel I was going for. That whole "contrasty-technology-middle-of-nowhere" kind of thing.


We tried some other shoots during the day, one that ended in a small theater at Capital University. I was supposed to stage "holding" a musical note that was supposed to be added in post production. The idea was there, but I didn't like the end result (I was doing the post production), but you can still see the fun we had from this picture.


Go check out her lifestyle and family photography company

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