Family Photoshoot

When you own a camera (an expensive one), friends and family ask all the time, "Hey why don't you bring it and we can take some pictures, maybe a quick video, and then you can just do your thing and we can all enjoy it later". There is nothing wrong with this at all. I plan on using all of my family to their fullest extent. My sister is a nurse. Guess who I call when something looks a little weird. A lot of our family are extremely talented in construction fields. Cracked plaster? Who ya gonna call? My family. Heck, I'll even call my dad for a burnt out lightbulb. The bailouts are endless. Some of my brothers enjoy shooting guns and have a lot more firepower than I do. So now when the inevitable zombie apocalypse happens, guess who is going to show up at his door asking for that return favor. So when one of my lovely sister-in-laws asked me to take her newest daughter's one year old pictures, I was thrilled. Why? Well because she is crazy cute. Just look.

Then she got whisked away because I guess "pajamas" aren't one year old picture worthy. Well she got cuter.

Oh and she has siblings. Can you handle more cute? I don't think you can. Everybody was smiling and having fun so I suggested everybody going down the slide. Together. At the same time.

Pure magic. We did this over and over and over and over. I want that focus and ease of entertainment that a one year old has. I found myself laughing so hard while chasing her because SHE was laughing so hard. Then she sat down and gave me the cutest look I've ever seen.

Her older brother and sister had some fun on the swings.

It was an amazing time as you can see! These kids are the cutest. Totallly worth the sweat, grass stains, and slight sunburn.

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