Music Video For Blues Band

I got a call about a year ago from my friend Brian Muth asking me to do video for a blues band that flew up from Florida to record with him here in Ohio. That one video turned into ten, and a photo shoot, interviews, and designing their album.

John Honaker Band Photography.jpg

It was a lot of work but I have never worked with a group of musicians who were so flexible and excited about their craft. Plus, I got to hear some amazing slide guitar!

johnny and the superchargers slide guitar.png

I got to sit in on additional sessions when they wanted to add keyboards and back up singers. I spent a couple of late nights at the studio of Kevin Sweeney which came with complimentary pizza and whiskey! What?!

Kevin Sweeney Keyboards.png

So check out Johnny And The Superchargers, go buy their album, and check out every one of their music videos. Enjoy!

(I only posted three of the ten videos they have.)

Blue Indigo

Voodoo Woman Blues

Got My Eye On You

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