Last year, my wife and I started on a big adventure. We created a new company, designed to help men create and capture on video, or in pictures, their dream proposal.

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When I proposed to Meredith, I came up with an elaborate plan that included all of her friends and family, some old man makeup, fireworks, and dancing until 4 am. It was a magical, wonderful, amazing night. If you want to check it out, you can click here to see the video.

JM Engagement-11.jpg

She was so blown away by all the effort and thought I put in to asking her to spend the rest of our lives together. It was also 100 times more stressful than anything else I have ever done, including my actual wedding day. Which is what inspired me to start a company that would help other guys achieve something just as big and extravagant for their future wife.

We have had the opportunity of helping some really cool guys create fabulous proposal stories.

Nathan wanted to propose to Kim in a spot that held a lot of meaning for them. He knew Kim would be shy in front of cameras, so we made sure to be completely hidden while capturing the proposal. Nathan chose a park that was half way between their two houses, since they live about two hours away and had met there in the middle quite a few times, to be the location of the proposal. We arrived with our team a few hours early to set up lights, and hide our camera crew. The result is a completely genuine and uninhibited expression of joy and love.​​


Nathan Engagement-50.jpg

Phil was inspired to surprise Katie Anne with a romantic dinner on the end of a pier to celebrate their love.


He told Katie Anne that they were taking a walk before going to a nice dinner. But Phil had something extra special planned. We helped him find a pianist to play their favorite Ed Shereen song, and we captured them dancing out by the water. His proposal was then followed by a 3 course dinner served right on the pier.

Preface took care of the set up of all the elements; pictures, lights, pianist, videographers, photographers, dinner, wine, and everything else so that Phil could spend the day with Katie Anne instead of setting up and stressing about the details, making it a complete surprise.


Preface has been a wonderful new adventure, and I am so excited to help more and more guys create their dream proposals.

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