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You have heard it before. Build your brand. Make a name for yourself. Create an experience.

Well it's true. Customers and clients feel a certain way when using different products or services. I love that experience. I love learning about that experience. I get super nerdy when Starbucks maps out their customer journey and studies what people are thinking while they are in line to purchase their coffee. I love reading about study groups being analyzed about their thoughts on a certain color scheme. In my mind, its like Pavlov's dog discussions about design and brand.

I recently got the chance to help a few companies explore their look, their logo, and their experience. I was super excited to say the least. What follows is a little behind the scenes of exploring this vast galaxy of brand and logos with two very different companies. I also added a few cool finds about this subject at the end. A huge thank you goes out to Dave Fladung and Kevin Blasius for helping me with some of the designs. It's always good to get other creative types to offer different directions to give the client more options.

Against The Grain Remodeling:

ATGR is a small remodeling company out of New Albany, Ohio. The owner was looking for a logo that went with his name plus he had a huge demand for getting something on a business card as soon as possible. The work for him was pouring in and he needed to get information out fast.

The sketching/idea phase:

The refining phase:


Chemical Abstract Service is the world's authority for chemical information and related solutions and is located right in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. They were looking for a new look for a specific team within their organization. To try and capture the thought leadership and the innovation that CAS demonstrates in their work with a logo or font seems crazy. That's the thing. When you try and pull all this content, experience, feeling, history etc. and put it in a 3x5 illustrator file, it seems like too much. You are creating something that people associate visually and mentally with what they are feeling and experiencing.

The different directions:

A good logo is always recognizable. Its amazing to see how much the Batman logo has changed over the years. This infographic was designed by Cathryn Laver at Calm The Ham

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