David McCreary | A Hilarious Magician With Purpose

You know when people tell you that you HAVE to go see something. You just HAVE to. David McCreary gets this a lot. He is a comedy magician. He has hosted hundreds of events and his personality has been on television countless times for numerous networks. He brings joy and laughter to so many people, but we wanted even MORE people to experience his show or better yet, HAVE to experience his show.

He got the opportunity to start working with Relevant Speakers Network which is an organization that brings acts into schools for education, entertainment, and inspiration. We wanted to do a short video promo that focused not necessarily on his tricks but on the reaction of his audience.

We traveled to a half a dozen schools and made hundreds laugh, engage, and think about their purpose. Yeah, David tricks your mind by doing amazing magic, but he also makes you ponder life's decisions, outlooks, and attitudes.

I'm telling you, I've heard his jokes so many times. I've seen his tricks over and over, and yet I still laughed at every punchline, and gawked at every reveal. Go check him out. Whether it's his standup, his speaking engagements, or his practical jokes....I'm telling HAVE to see him.

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