Be Incredible.

It sounds pretty straight forward right? Be amazing. Just go out there and be incredible right? I know that is probably the most general, broad-stroke thing you've heard this week but hear me out. I wanted to talk about some things that I've found to work for me in striving for "Incredible-ness". I'm going to be discussing this while showing off my new business cards and the process it took to create them....because they are awesome.

The designs were done by Kevin Blasius.

1. Find Out What "Incredible" Is.

What is awesome in your eyes? For me, I grew up on superheroes, comics, and video games. Both my parents encouraged my imagination through storytelling. I remember staring at movie posters for the longest time, lost in what it was telling me.

I wanted a business card that showed that off. I loved the illustration style of the original Star Wars posters. I loved detailed comic books that were, in my mind, works of art. Our rough idea went with a futuristic feel, with musical instruments, walking toward the viewer.


2. Redefine.

Don't be afraid of changes. Change the name. Change the look. How you look. If it doesn't feel just right then keep looking. If you look at something and say, "It's good" you have a choice to make it better.

We changed a lot. Sound waves in the background with a speaker to show audio skills. Mechanical hand showing design elements. Instead of holding a keyboard, I would be holding a camera. Below you can see the color comps.


3. Pay For It.

I feel very strongly about this. If you want quality, you have to pay for it. This always blows my mind with people who get "budget" tattoos. That piece of art will be with you till you die. That's an estimated term value of 30-60 years. Spend the money. Another way to "pay for it" is to put in the time. Sometimes you work for free. Sometimes you research for hours to make sure you have the knowledge you need. Pay for it. It's always worth it.

I paid Kevin for his beautiful work and design talent. I wanted his style. I wanted his talent representing me. Find those people that can help you achieve what you think is awesome. then hire them.

Below is the final line work with the final colors.


5. Keep Repeating That Goal.

Every time I meet with a client or colleague, I try to make a habit of mentioning the original goal/mission for what was intended. Day to day tasks can be overwhelming and consuming. They can suck all of your productivity away. Yeah you got a lot done today, but you didn't move any closer to that "Goal of Incredible". Then a week goes by. Then a few months. No headway.

State that mission. Say the goal out loud before you take on the tasks. The whole time we were developing the business card, the one goal was for each person who received one to say "Whoa!"

All I thought about were the reactions of my customers and potential clients. I wanted my first impression to be a lasting one.

Shading and details starting to be added in.

So that's it! At first people didn't understand why I was spending time and money on JUST a business card, but we sell ourselves every day. I wanted to make sure the first sale (first impression) was an incredible one. I have given out over 200 business cards. Each time, people have been blown away. I have received work I really wanted. I got to meet amazing people and they got to see a cool side of me. I stand out. I look freaking incredible. Now go make yourself incredible. Thanks again Kevin for helping me achieve my goal.

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