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I had the pleasure of updating some media assets for BrakeHawk. BrakeHawk is a zip line braking company that supplies the brakes for zip line adventure courses all over the world. They sent me to a few courses to try out their systems. (Yes it is hard to hold a camera while zipping.)

Josh and I getting ready to hang from some cable

Promotional Video

This is the promo video I put together showing the better efficiency, cost, and control the brakes offer to alternative braking methods. Huge thanks to Josh Snead for being my second camera. He held the camera much better than I did.

Motion Design

I created a logo motion tag. I wanted the hawk in the logo to have some movement and look like it was "braking". Creating the SFX for the hawk call was fun. The call is actually a mix of a red tailed hawk, a human whistle, and an eagle.

Brand Music

What good does white-knuckle zipping footage do if it doesn't have some rockin' tunes? I wanted the tune to be something you'd listen to while you were cruising 45mph across a valley on a single cable. Brian Skeel produced it and mastered it. It was his idea to put in the slide guitar, which fit beautifully.

Instructional Videos

BrakeHawk wanted to also provide support for each of its partners who used the brake. I shot 12 instructional videos on assembly, care, maintenance, and education. It's good to have instructions, but to watch it be demonstrated for you? Much better.

So go check out

and if you are ever zip lining and see they you aren't using a BrakeHawk, turn to your guide and say..."What the crap man?"

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