WPCU's Marketing Campaign "That's Not Right Pat"

Wright-Patt Credit Union was emerging into the Columbus market and wanted to create a campaign that would demonstrate their difference, care, and personality.

The idea of doing a campaign around "That's Not Right Pat" centered on a character doing things unconventionally, with the play on words of "Right Pat" and "Wright-Patt". The goal was three fold: to create name recognition, make audiences stop and think, and bring humor in the pun.


The Idea Phase

In the initial idea phase, there were about a dozen good directions. In the writing of a good line, you want to say "there are no bad ideas". This isn't true with the guys I write with. If you come to the table with a bad idea, you get mocked for it the rest of the session. This made sure we weren't just writing train-of-thought bits, but really spent time on the material and the messaging.

It is amazing what a few funny people fueled by pizza can come up with.


The Storyboard Phase

Now to make these ideas come to life. I brought in Michael Compton to drive the story boarding phase to a whole new level. Making sure that the client would have no doubt in their mind that these commercials would be fantastic before we even stepped foot in a studio

WPCU immediately bought into the idea, having been able to clearly see the visuals, jokes, and messaging. We continued together to our next steps with absolute confidence.



We had a hand in building an infinity room with the company Hammock Gear, and were able to use it as the location for the shoot. Thanks to Cool World Photography for the use of their R3D Cameras, we shot for almost two days.

At first we stuck strictly to the script. After we got what we needed, I let McCreary and Carr (David and Pat) start to ad-lib lines and bits. The results were pure gold. The only problem was sometimes the crew laughed at a bit, and ruined the take.



The music writing phase for this campaign came to me pretty quickly. I wanted that quirky, curious sound at the beginning. I left a lot of space in between movements to let the dialog be king. I modulated the melody and added a contrasting line to add variation. Again, I wanted it to sound curious, not silly. I felt like silly would be too far, and would distract from the message.

The main chorus is the same melody. I wanted it to sound sophisticated and happy. Changing the instrumentation, long drawn out chords, strings, and violá! A happy version of the song that would be played whenever the messaging switched to highlighting the WPCU values. After that, I sent it to Brian Skeel for production, additional instrumentation, and mastering.



I color-corrected, edited, and produced the segments into fantastic commercials, by making sure the colors were vibrant and adding quick cuts for energy.


Motion Design

I gave WPCU a lot of options when it came to motion design. Their tagline "Save Better, Borrow Smater, Learn A Lot" came across the strongest with associated icons. Above are the three different versions of lower third graphic I designed, with the first one using the plane from the WPCU logo, being the favorite.


Foley/SFX Mixing & Mastering

What does a bunch of umbrellas opening up sound like? We found out by sampling eight different umbrellas. We combined those sounds with cardboard ripping, the sound of a champagne bottle popping, and a small firework explosion. Brian Skeel continued the work of sound design with paper shredders, rubber raincoats, and paper rolling across the floor. He mixed all these sounds, plus the dialog, and mastered every segment to industry standards.


Market Impact

We created six different commercials to be featured on TV, Social/Web, Radio, and Signage across Columbus. WPCU now has the ability to be flexible with their market, so audiences want more, and don't grow tired of the same message.

Commercials Below:




John Honaker - Creative Director, writer

Dave Fladung - Writer

David McCreary - Writer

Chad Bradley - Writer

Storyboard - Michael Compton


John Honaker - Director

John Honaker - First Camera

Josh Snead - Second Camera

Shane O'Brien - BTS, Slate

Josh Pope - Slate


John Honaker - Editing, Production, Post Production

Motion Design - John Honaker

Equipment and Location:

Equipment - Cool World Photography

Location - Hammock Gear


Matt Disbrow - Audio For Video

Brandon Maclean - Audio For Video

Brian Skeel - Production, Mixing, SFX, Foley, Mastering

John Honaker - Mixing, SFX


John Honaker - Writing, composition

Brian Skeel - Production, Mixing, Mastering


Daniel Carr - Pat

Tisha Hanley - Ms. Fee

David McCreary - As Himself

WPCU Employees - As Themselves

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